Whtz here ??

As i always say dont expect more or less .... yes dnt think this blog to b somthing of a tech or a typical writer ... i call my TOUCH ME NOT as a place of no sense with lots of emotions .... if i m angry or sad or romantic ;) .... i come here and scribble somthing often keep it as drafts to b deleted later and rarely post some :-) .....

Monday, June 21, 2010


Every time when i feel like scribbling somthing i declare i m going to restart , bt tht restarting is again restarting ......... Thus this time i dnt declare bt just a hoping mind for a better scribbling ;) ............ Thanks to all who had encouraged me in blogging ............

Thursday, August 27, 2009

.......... Restart .........

After my studies nothing changed as i expected except that the incoming calls are rare in my mobile now ......... Everyone are busy , but i m still waiting :( .......
Found some new time pass ...... started going to stitching ;) , ..... don't know how long it will go :)
Now trying for painting .... simply a trail ....... Then the happiest thing is sometimes i would go for a wish that i had for many yrs when i start thinking about my future studies ...... Waiting for that ...... At least that can make me engaged :) .......

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Its all over .............

At last what i had called "The Long 4 years of college days" are over . Just left back is the final exams and frequent miss calls of my friends .... soon ( by June end ) the exams will be over , then left out will be the miss calls that too may be for few months .... Later everyone will b busy (expected to be ) with their life . How many would be in contact , really don't know . As every other person i also wish and dream everyone would be in touch .

           I was one among who always says that i need to finish it off soon .... But have at that time i haven't thought of a days like this .... When i think about these wonderful days , i try to convince myself by saying 'these r all part of the game' .... Still sometimes i feel to realise how far i would be missing my college days and my wonderful friends ........ Now i know its all over , the fun and fights .... There was always lot many reasons that had made me say my college life was not that enjoyable , but i now i know there was quite a lot good things that would make me miss these wonderful days .... Even if i didn't miss , i would never regret that i couldn't enjoy the college days........
                         I was not a regular student , was among Attendance and Internal Deficiency Syndrome suffering student ;) . My friends quoted a quote for me " Vanna vannu poyal poyi " , that was becoz if i start going i would go for few days continuously but once and come home ;) that would be a break .Now no classes to bunk , no attendance to take leave .
                                               Really becoming lone now ...... Even though those days havent made me feel 'not alone'.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Mini proj

...... Definetly the best time in my college life i can say ...... the beginning we(we 5) just decided the topic (tht i loved from the beginning of my btech life) ...STEGANOGRAPHY .... just decided no plan nothing ws done until we got the final date for the submission ...... there ws a month gap ......... ws running to study language , to find algorithm , ......... tht ws funny ....... everyday we wud plan one should do this , othr should do tht , .........wud do great planning but whn we meet in the next morning no one wud hav done anything except one ,......... later on i feel she would hav felt y these guys lik this
......All would meet and will start planning , we end up in planning for main project ...... we all dreamed high about our project ..........then atlast the presentation date ws announced ..... worked really hard ( last min works ) but it ws completed without much tensions..... we all together did the presentation well.... y call this the best tim in my college life is ........ we fight , we joke , we cut the class , wil go to hav food together ,...... tht ws all a real nice feeling for me ......... i could feel the real intesity of friendship ..... this i cannot forget .........

##############hoping to hav such wonderful friends around always ......############

Thursday, April 10, 2008

How can i cal myself an engineer aftr one mor yr ?

From my 3 yrs of engineering studies what i learned ? how can cal myself an engineer after this degree?

On 9th April at last the terrible days of 5th sem exam was over ........ just the day b4 that the only relief in mind was that exams Will end on the next day.Even though soon this terrible days comes in the name of series and 6th sem exam.On 9th we all faced the most toughest exam we ever had..... Theory of computation .... never i can blame that the subject is tough but our level of preparation was that low to face such a ( quality ) paper.....
I feel till this 5th sem the study was a mugging up process to score marks , was not bothered about the future....... how i am going to face the future after an year ? i am confused ? Is the professional course that changed me or my attitude ? Feel really confused ?
What the future needs an engineer who can simply mug up the contents in the book or who can work ? If one score good % does it mean he/she is an expert engineer ( at least an average engineer ) ? My mind is swimming in a pool of questions I tried answering but couldn't ?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

From my past relationships I learned:

From my past relationships I learned:
This is very familiar question to all who r Orkut members.i havnt filled it yet, recently i thought of filling that space.But what i wish to write was so lengthy that at last i decide to make a topic to write here in my blog :)
Many explain life as search for peace or happiness .... but for me i felt life is search for a person to understand you.We often get people to understand us but we fail to understand them.Or we will b playing the role of understandable friend to some but not understood by them.But never expect to find one to know u fully.The great person who can do is big job is urself.Knowing ourself is the greatest thing that one can do in life.Busy trying to understand other often people forget to know ourself.
One of my favorite quetion in orkut profile.Whenever i view a new persons profile i always used to take care to read this part since it reflect his/her attitude towards relation.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A wonderful Diwali

I have never celebrated Diwali in kerala before.The only Diwali crackers sound in my mind is when i ws in 2nd standard.That was real Diwali with sweets and crackers.I was at Nagpur with my grandpa's bro.That was my world with my choices and my likes ( as far as i rem ) .

But this Diwali was here only in my place.We a group of friends went to a orphanage (should not call it so still ....) to see small cuties.Soon we reached there ,the kids staying thr came and sat in a hall whr we were standing,thn som of us noticed a boarded in which two names hav written along with wishes for their birthday.One was the in charge sister and the other was one of the kis there.Then the sister gave us a small talk with detailed explanations about the kids timetable,sponsors etc.Then we started our chat that is the most wonderful.After some tim the thing tht i noticed was tht around everyone of us thr one at least one child who remained a their pet for the whole day(still thr r inside my mind ..........).By that tim the food had reached as we had arranged,we started serving.The next wondering is the kids discipline they all sat thr until they prayed the prayer together and one more thing i noticed was the clean leaves.Most of them had eaten all that was put on their vazhayilla.The comparison came when we sat to have food most of us dont do as they do.Here comes the difference we dont utilise what we hav but their life teach them to utilise whtever they get.

We run behind wht we dont get leaving behind wht we hav got.

Then aftr tht most of them played together, there as usual i was bit back there.I was simply an observer but i was noticing each and everyone.there is lot of thing i feel i havnt cared abt in this world.Realised how large the world is.Yes, to b frank i was much concerned to my world and had never cared to know about the world around me.But this day made me open myself to lot of thing just by thinking and spending few hours there.

I too hav got some favorite there.But one who made me bit sad while coming back was one who never spoke much the whole day. I tried a lot to make her talk.When it was tim to say bye to all she came close to me pulled me near her and gave a big smile.I hugged her and i felt my eyes wet.Still her smile is what i can see when i tell about that day.Hope i can see her and also rest all there later.

A real wonderful Diwali with such a cute innocent smile